Measure Your Clients Cardiorespiratory Fitness.

Motivate Your Clients to Achieve their Goals.

Personalise your Client Training Programs.

Introducing the Exercise Testing app

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A simple yet powerful way to measure your clients cardiorespiratory fitness

The most intuative and holistic approach to date

Four Tests

Select from up to four testing modes depending on each client's ability.

Track Progress

Administer an entire database of clients and carry real time session data on your phone.

Learn the Science

Learn more about the science behind the app and gain insights into why its so effective.

Custom Reporting

Generate reports instantly and send to your clients to keep them in reach of their goals.

Save time, save money, look more professional and help clients reach goals.

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Clinical Rehabilitation
Gain insight into your clients functional response to exercise with additional health markers collected.
High Performance
Regular monitoring of your athletes VO2 peak at submaximal heartrates can be a useful marker of their current training status and can highlight abnormalities associated with overtraining.
Provide your employer with objective information regarding an employees capacity for work and assist with matching a worker to a suitable task.

The value of cardiorespiratory fitness in estimating the overall health status of your client is easy and simple to do with Exercise Testing.

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